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Articles & Info

Fluorescent Lights for Plant Growth: by Wayne Vandre, Horticulture Specialist

An Easy Gardening Alternative: An article about hydroponics by Laura L. Kramer

Let There Be Light: An article about bulbs, ballasts and other artificial lighting basics by Laura L. Kramer

A Garden for All Seasons: An article about hydroponics for the houseplant lover by Dorothy K. Morgan

Gardening in the Great Indoors: An article about indoor lighting by Gil Schoenstein

Sodium or Metal Halide?: An article about sodium and metal halide lighting by Peter Wardenburg

Growing Under Lights in Montreal: An article about growing under lights by Gordon Creaser

Jailhouse Green...Inmate Progressive Farming Co-Op: An article about the Inmate Progressive Farming Co-Op by Gordon Creaser

Hydroponics Hawaiian Style: An article about Kilauea Gardens by Gordon Creaser

Cultivate Herbs and Savor the Returns: An article on growing herbs hydroponically by Gordon Creaser

The Hydroponic Home(made) Unit: Instructions on how to make your own hydroponics home unit by Gordon Creaser

AVRDC Non-Circulating Hydroponic System: By Hideo Imai

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Methods: By Roger H. Thayer, Eco Enterprises

Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities: Donald N. Munns - Land Air and Water Resources, University of California, Davis

Soilless Culture in Japan: By Hideo Ikeda

Rockwool as a Substrate for Hydroponic Growing Systems: by Michael F. Dowgert Ph.D., Research Manager, Agro Dynamics

Growing Strawberries by Hydroponics: Summary of a talk given by Rocky Caltieri, of Wandin, Victoria to the Hydroponic Society of Victoria in June 1987

A Review of Factors Affecting Plant Growth: Marianne Ames, Graduate Fellow and Wayne S. Johnson, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

Lighting Indoor House Plants: by Ray R. Rothenberger
Department of Horticulature University of Missouri-Columbia

The House That Jack Built: How one grower uses efficient lighting to increase profits: by Michael Christian

A Niche of His Own: By Kelly Carroll

Get Started with Seeds Indoors: By Thomas Mickey

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